The Power Of Shutting Down Your Inner Critic.

Alternative title: Get Motivated By Being Stupid

Excitement is motivation. If you are going to do something, or buy something the more excitement you have the more motivation you have.

We only act if there is some excitement in it. Further the excitement for something new is fundamentally stronger before you reach it. Once you get the new car, job, or relationship it is now less exciting.

Excitement is motivation.


Do you ever find it hard to get excited about things?
Have you ever wanted to get excited about something, but couldn’t.

This is a limbo, nowhere state where you are holding your soul and heart from running in the directions it wants.

Now, I believe that often we do get excited, but our inner critic; the voice that says “no, there is a better way.” Or “That will never work” shuts it down.

It shuts it down not by telling it to shut down, but rather like an overbearing authority figure it smothers it down in critical questions, without any nurturing or empathy.


So much more to talk about this – book a call to talk about your individual case, but the main thing is we need to allow ourselves to get excited and chase the dreams of our hearts.

Be well, and safe,